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Mr. Brown provides national and international Mediation, Arbitration, Dispute Review Board and Special Master Services.



Mediation is a form of negotiation facilitated by a mediator.

The mediator helps the parties identify real interests, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position, and helps the parties reach a mutually agreeable settlement of the issues in dispute. The mediator does NOT render a decision on the merits of the dispute, unlike an arbitrator or a court.  
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Special Master

The role of the Special Master (who is frequently, but not necessarily, an attorney) is to supervise those falling under the order of the court to make sure that the court order is being followed and to report on the activities of the entity being supervised in a timely matter to the judge or the judge's designated representatives.
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Arbitration is a procedure in which the parties agree to submit disputes to an arbitrator or an arbitration panel for decision.

It, unlike mediation, results in an award like a judgment in court.  
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Project Neutral

High Quality Video Conferencing

Ernest Brown ADR offers a simple video conferencing solution to all national and international clients at no additional charge. Our service can host up to 25 participants in a single meeting. Please contact our office to learn how to take advantage of this service in your proceeding.